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home visit, unexpected shows & creepy hot flicks.

i went back to CT for almost 3 weeks, visited family, friends, my pupper nugget, all the usual suspects & i had a good time.

there was SO MUCH DAMN SNOW which i do NOT miss, living in Cali, but it was really good to see my peeps.

i had some super fun times w/ JenBunny, GiaPet, AmeCakes & my other bitties.

I took approx. 5 billion photos & videos of my doggie which i hope to upload... at some point...

& spent loads of time with my wonderful family.

since i've been back, there's some other things i want to talk about, that aren't as deep as things i've posted about in the recent months. (When i have the time... & energy...)

Pauly-D Obsession:

i hafta post this, bc i'm loling my ass off over it...

Medium vs. Real Housewives:

since it's start, i have loved the show Medium (ok, that's a lie, when it was first airing, i thought i was going to be avoiding it at all costs, bc it looked like something that was going to scare the shit out of me, but my Ma watched it & i started watching early into the first season). A few seasons ago, Kelsey Grammer appeared on the show as, ehem, Satan... which was also the first time that i realized he was the Executive Producer of the show. Then, of course, like any red blooded 24 year old chickie, I've learned from Bravo's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that Camille Grammer was behind a lot of the creation of the show.
THEN, on an extremely disturbing episode of RHWoBH, we meet the REAL Allison Dubois (the main character on Medium, for those of you that don't know what the hell i'm talking about!) & god damn, she was AWFUL!
Here's a link to part of the awful episode...
(Lemme also just shout out that i'm SO in luv with Lisa Vanderpump, i think she's possibly, my fav housewife OF ALL TIME!!! woo hoo Lisaaa!!!)

My question: Everyone that watches Real H.Wives of BH, or current celebrity gossip, knows about how shitty-face Kelsey Grammer totes fucked over the hot-ass Camille after 13 years of marriage, which basically made her internally break down during the whole season. - BUT, since the show Medium was a "pet project" of the couple, is their recent blow up divorce the reason behind the sudden, out of NO WHERE end to one of MY FAV SHOWS?!!? if so... i'm sorry Fraiser, as much as i may enjoy listening to you play the villainous Side-Show Bob on The Simpsons, & as much as your fucked up life choices may add some drama to one of my fav shows, i do NOT appreciate you causing a rift in my TiVo lineup! WTF?!!?
(PS: Spencer Grammer, i'm sorry your Dad fucked up... i still luv you & i still look forward to seeing your adorable face on Greek every Monday!)

Life Unexpected:

I was absolutely shocked when, toward the end of one of my regular shows, the screen went black & "Two Years Later" popped up on the screen... WHAA?! Then, after a quick, unexplained wrap up, Life Unexpected ENDED... rather... ehem... Unexpectedly?!?!
I mean... i guess i'm happy with where they chose to send the characters... but... it was a total cop out. It was LITERALLY like they had a regular show episode planned, then, funding was pulled? Ratings weren't great? Kerr Smith signed on to be in Dawson's Creek the movie? & all of a sudden, "Hey... guys... can you just, wrap it up in the last 5 mins? we're done with this one..." 
i'm totes disappointed.
-----> sad face.


I mean... do i even need to explain why i want to see this? Anyone who has spent 5 mins on this blog probably is WELL AWARE of my enormous attraction to anything funky, add an OLSEN to that & we are SO in business.

MK looks so fucking badass, it's ridiculous. It's supposed to be out in March & i cannot wait.

Black Swan:

Ya, duh i saw Black Swan, helloooo! I'll admit, parts of it freaked me THE FUCK OUT, but, i can't stop thinking about this movie & i really wanna see it again. Natalie Portman is a god damn UH-MAZING actress & i'm SOOOO stoked she won the Golden Globe & i can't wait to watch her (knock on wood) win her OSCAR!!! The film is nominated for best film & Darren Aronofsky is nommed for best director. i hope it's a sweep for the flick. i can't wait for it to be on DVD so i can watch it over & over! haha
Mila, i'm sorry you didn't win supporting actress! :( no Oscar nom for Mila is poopy. She should get a special award for chick i'd likely go super gay for. i mean, hello? i'm about as boy crazed as they come, but Mila is one crazy hot mama, fo' sho!
PS: on a terrifying side note, the night i saw the movie, i came home, was a little bugged out, wanted to distract myself, was doing my toe nails & all of a sudden, my toenail cracks & starts to bleed... next morning, i come out of the shower with a massive scratch on my shoulder blade... WHAAAAAA?!?!?!?!

Adam Sandler star:

I'd like to also say Congrats to Adam Sandler, who was given his Hollywood Walk of Fame star today. I was honestly surprised, bc i thought he would have gotten one a long ass time ago.

LA Football:

Apparently, they're building "Farmer's Field" in Los Angeles. an arena that will host.... well, honestly, all i really heard anyone definitively say was "fights", which i think was more of just a shout out to "Oscar" (De La Hoya?) who was apparently in the audience of the Press Statement? I don't know.. the whole thing was weird...
I mean, they talked about the reason behind the name, the high tech crap, this that, the other thing, how it will give reason to open a shit ton of hotels in downtown LA... uh... then, there was some stock footage of the... Olympics? which was odd... then, at the last moment of the news story, they mentioned a fleeting thought about "Oh ya... we'll prob end up getting a football team, at some point"... that'd be good, otherwise, you're gunna have to book some pretty badass concerts to fill your pricey hotels...
PREDICTION: Bazinga, my sports Guru who has taught me like almost everything that i know about sports (almost, i knew a lot before) thinks that maybe the Jacksonville Jaguars will move. (UNOFFICIAL PREDICTION - he said it as a possible thought, not any ink on paper prediction).

Blue Bloods:

i'm reading a new series of books that are actually WAY better than i thought they'd be.

Blue Bloods

I don't know if they're already planning to make a TV show or a movie(s) about this series, but, i honestly first thought of MK Olsen for the character of Schuyler (which i thought was more like shoo-ler until my Ma told me it was Sky-ler, & that Sky-ler was actually a family name of ours, sweet!) I guess i was wrong with my initial thoughts, bc it wasn't until i was mostly into the first book that i read she had blue black hair...? haha i was picturing a different look.
Also, i picture Jack Force to be played by Landon Liboiron... i dunno, i just see it. I'm thinking about my other predictions, but i think it could be a fun new game for me to play, to see if i can predict who would play characters in the movie. haha. i'd need help from others tho, tell me if you hear about a new movie being made that's not cast yet. Oooh, i can ask Mattman about what he knows, too. he's in the biz, he could let me know.

Ok. i think i've written WAY too much for this one post. i seem to keep going...

it feels good to be back, in a way. we'll see if i (fingers crossed, i hope i do) keep it up.

ps: JenBunny is coming to visit me. She'll be here next week. i'm soooo excited & we're 90% sure we're doing a semi-impromptu VEGAS TRIP! there will be more on this subject!!!

ANYWAY. i'm glad that i've found some time to write about a few topics.

I hope that you're all well.

luvs it*

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