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what she wore

is it highly narcissistic to post about what i wear?
i've recently gotten some new clothes, thanks to the LF store's massive sale.

So, between that & my new hair extensions, i've been look'n cute! haha

So, i wanted to put up some photos of my recent 'fits & keep posting about the new ones to come!

here's a slideshow from the new album made on my Flickr account
[add me SMHubbell]

You can also see all my art on this Flickr!!!

So, is it weird to post photos of myself? haha Oh well...

luvs it*


  1. mad cute!!!!!!!! :) : ) love the hello kitty shirt pic... u look hottttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. go ahead and strut yourself!! I ain't mad atcha!! :)


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