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If you've been reading Spanky luvs it for a while, you'll probably know (or at least be able to guess) that i'm a pretty big fan of Brett Michaels.

If you use watch entertainment news, or even regular news, you probably know that B. Michaels suffered a brain hemorage after an emergency appendectomy on April 12th & has been in the ICU for a while. While in the ICU, he has also been treated for hyponatremia, a sodium deficiency that can cause seizures.
[eek! poor brett!!!]

His reps are saying (as of the most recent news update, from 3 hours ago) that things are looking up & it looks like he'll be able to rock again, sooner than expected!!!

my thoughts are with him. I hope that he can battle this, just as he has battled everything else!
... being diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at the age of 6, being the frontman of rock'n hair band, Poison, making a stellar comeback as a reality TV star, failing to find love on not one, not two, but THREE dating shows, and working for Donald Trump!!!
[this is just another sad, sad song for this cowboy...]

i'll let you know if i hear anything!

luvs it*


  1. I saw Poison twice "back in the day", and enjoyed them both times. I'm not so much of a reality TV fan, but "Every Rose" is one of those great, great songs that I will never forget.

  2. ah, i so had an enormous crush on brett back in 3rd grade. that was when he used to wear make up. for some reason, that totally did it for me ;)


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