diary of a manic obsessive.


short nails

how is it possible that there is so much to do?

i've been sitting on my ass for days (with the exception  of going to Bamboozle on Sunday with AmeCakes), on the computer, listing things for sale, e-mailing with potential buyers (selling my beloved Cabrio), comparing prices, looking for apartments, looking for jobs, looking for my mind!

my nails keep breaking: sign of stress.
the ones that don't break are peeling, which means, i bite them. ugh.

what do i do? i have no money, but all i want to do is get on a plane & fly to Cali to see him.

he's become my muse. He tells me i'm his. We write about eachother. it's very Old School. i feel like a couple in courtship. it's cute. we're silly. we're inspired.

i miss him.

i started writing my post about Day 1 of the trip. it's about half done. i'll finish tomorrow. i hope.

i hope you are all still there. don't give up on me. i'm here, i swear, i'm just working on it.

luvs it*


  1. We're all working on it, Spanky. We're all working on it.

  2. I am here! I miss you! I hope you find your way soon, at least your way back to him......

  3. My new wish, is for you to get back on your feet real soon.
    At least u have him as support and a backbone.


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