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a letter from Spanky: drive...

my dearest bloggies,

i promise, i'll be able to update you all soon.

all i can say right now is, i'm ok, i'm in OK (haha), i'm head'n the rest of the way to Cali, i have a lot to tell you all & my fortune cookie tonight said:

"adventure is worthwhile, in itself."

a few things i've learned, on the road, so far:
-blueberry anything is delicious [blueberry smoothies or FroYo is always a good choice.]
-i have a serious problem with buying souvenir t-shirts in gift shops
-Zoos, Children's museums & anything of the like are hella fun, even for two grown-ups.
-Friends aren't necessarily those you always see, but those who always, truly SEE you.
[NaNa, my KayleeBear-face. You've been amazing.
Chas, you're wonderful, in every way. 
Trav-zinga, your patience & understanding has held me together, you're the best.]
-My tum does not agree with road-trips. i've been feeling vommy for days. [boo...]
-You never know what's around the bend, or what [proverbial] bug will splat on your windshield. No matter how hard you scrub, it isn't easy to wipe clean. [ya, road puns being used to the deepest possible extent.]

i luvs u all.
wish me luck on my current speed limits, & the speed bumps waiting for me at home.
for now, i'll just...
"hold the wheel... & drive."


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