diary of a manic obsessive.


shallow moment... quack!

Another hottie is born every damn day... or... i just discover them for myself, or i decide to write one of these silly feel almost like a cougar, but it'd just be dating down (in age, but whatever, they're in their prime... so am i... hahah)

this, ladies & (if there are any) gentlemen... is what i call "duck hunting"... looking for a duck (a hot dooode) is mostly done at the bar, the mall, maybe even school... (if you're lucky, then you get perma-eye candy & something to look at during snoozzzefest lectures)... or any other place ppl mix n' mingle (whether or not to a jingle bell beat...) but sometimes we all get bored & we Virtual Duck Hunt.. then we all play for 'Team Everyone Wins" bc the internet is a sweet sweet supplier...

so... here are my ducks...


So, the only thing that i can think about these boys that might be a little weird for me to write about them, is their age, they're all younger than me... (but better me than someone MUCH older... ***stay away Demi, you already got yours! ONE PER CUSTOMER!***)

First on my cute boy shopping list...

HUNTER PARRISH (just turned 21! wooohooo!)
we luvs him on Weeds (he's what we're looking at when we're not looking at Conrad - mmm)
we luvs that Silas (his character on Weeds) dated Mary-Kate.
we luvs that Hunter will be playing Melchior in Spring awakening (& we're jealous as HELL that our little SISTER has TICKETS FOR HIS DAMN OPENING WEEKEND!)

our only tip... Hunty.. sweety... grow back the surfer hair... ME LIKES! (o, & we might know that i luvs my boys more on the scrawny side... ur get'n too beefy babers!)

JEREMY SUMPTER - i just saw this little peach on a kinda creeperific lifetime movie "Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life" (which, i mean, c'mon... you wulda watched it when you 'cleaned your room' too...)
ok, so i'm NOT a total freak, i didn't think he was like HOT in the movie (which he was 15 in) but then when i saw him on a website for something TOTALLY DIFFERENT & was like "oh shit! there's that kid" i thought "well damnnnnn, someone got fuck'n hot!" very reminiscent of a young Ryan Phillipe! (& now... he's 19... LEGAL!)

Look for Jeremy in "Word of Mouth", "Prep School", & "Calvin Marshall" all credited for this year... we'll seeeeeee

ANTON YELCHIN - funny name, funny kid, cutie who i honestly can not find a picture online that does him justice. i'm sorry "Charlie Bartlett"... i tried... i know how cute cute CUTE you are. Also 19... look for him in "New York, I Love You" playing along side our boyfriend *Shia*

ZAC EFRON- 21 in October... y'know... i almost didn't wanna put him up here bc he KNOWS how hot he is... & that CAN BE a total turn off... but ... he's fucking hot hot HOT eye candy... so aight zacy, you can be here too... but only bc of this bottom shot... JINKYS!

Look for him in 2009's "Seventeen Again" & "Me & Orson Welles" & of course... (mini gag, mini cheer) 2008's High School Musical (i honestly don't know whether i totally wanna see it, or if i want to hide under a rock until the whole HSM thing is over & "so last year")... he's just so yummy...

mmm.... luvs boys....

luvs it*



that's all i have to say...


me & my filthy mind luvs it*

no luv for mk & b.spears :o(

So... i thought that one of my fav chickies got totally poopooed by the emmys!
Mk was submitted by Shotime for a best guest actress on a comedy for her 10 episodes in the 3rd season of Weeds (my absolute fav show!)
but... i guess they didn't dig on the olsen talent like i did. :o( sorry mk, i totally wulda voted for you!!!

mk played tara who dated hunter parish's character Silas

Also snubbed, my other homegirl B.Spears!!!

although i luvs me some britney, i was pulling for marykate, but brit was histerical on her episodes of How I Met Your Mother this season!

i luvs u gals, even if the emmys are buttheads!


damnit celebuluvr

first let me just say i HATE this shirt...

then, let me say...


looks like my giganto-crush has fucked up a bit.
He crashed & flipped his truck the other day & was suspected of drunk driving.
hunny - NOT kool.

make me proud damnit, not weary.

also... even tho it's kinda scary... this pic is hot.

luvs the shia, does NOT luv this new development...



Oops, i did it again...

found another hottie making me feel old!

Daren Kogosoff from Secret Life of the American Teenager plays resident bad boy & hot hot HOTTIE!

OooOooo call me a mini cougar... he's 19 years old!

The show is on mondays on abc family & it's good! Very much a 7th heaven with a bit more edge.

& of course, the two moms on the show are played by Molly Ringwald & Josie Bissett (Jane from Melrose!)

mmm... luvs it*


a letter to everyone i know, but no one in particular...

A good friend of mine, and many of yours wrote something recently. To them, it most likely was just for their own peace of mind, but to me, it was truly enlightening.
I’m writing this to clear the air. I have recently felt bewildered and distressed because of the way things have been in my life, whether it be losing contact with some good friends, confronting long lived battles, or the vibe I’ve gotten from people that I thought were close to me.
I have not always been the best friend, or even the favourite person to be around. I understand this. I’d like to apologize to anyone that I may have ever wronged or, in the heat of a bad moment, ever “turned against”. I truly am sorry, and I want you all to know that I have never intended to hurt anyone, not really.
Some of you may be on wonderful terms with me, some of you may be in that “pretend friendship” place, and some of you may not be on speaking terms with me at all, but for all of you, I’d like you to know that it makes me sad to think that at one point in my life, whether it be recent, or ancient history, long term or short, you meant something to me.
I know that a lot of you may be sitting at your computers rolling your eyes, and many might not even be reading anymore, but that’s a chance that I’m willing to take. I’m even willing to put on a strong face when I see you even if this letter becomes the topic of gossip. I don’t expect a response of any kind, and in some way, I might not even want them. This is in no way intended to make anyone uncomfortable or to dig up any old news. I’m not in a 12-step program either! This is my own thing. I understand that it seems like a weird thing to do and some of you may think that it’s total bullshit. I get that, I don’t know how I’d react if I was on the receiving end, but I know that at least my curiosity would drive me to read to the end.
For some of you, we may have started off as friends and then somewhere along the line, we had an upset, if this is you, I am sorry. From the bottom of my heart it kills me to think that I had any part in hurting a friend. If we had an argument and I said something horrible, I probably didn’t mean it, and if I did, I was most likely being rude and defensive.
For some of you, we might have been “enemies” from the start. I am extremely sorry for that, since that’s just inexcusable. There is never a reason to judge someone before you really know what he or she is about and so to you, I was ignorant and immature. I’m very sorry.
Some of you, I’m sorry to say, I just haven’t given you enough time. Whether you live further away than I can easily get to, or whether it just never seems to work out that we can spend time together, I’m so sorry and I will make an effort to be a better friend. It’s more of my own damn procrastination than anything else.
Some of you I had a relationship with. Some of you I dated, some “saw” for a little while, I never meant to hurt anyone, but I’m afraid with this group of people it wasn’t so much that I hurt you, it’s the way that I most likely reacted when I was hurt. All I did was probably confirm your reasoning for wanting to break it off with me and for THAT I’m really sorry. If I made an ass out of myself, it was most likely out of self-pity gone horrible awry. Some of you I may have persisted with, some I may have just blown it completely, some I’m still friends with. To all of you that had relationships with me, I want you to know that you all had a lot to do with this realization. I’ve lost too many people that I cared about. I hope that I helped you grow as you helped me, and I want you to know that you all did mean a lot to me at that part of my life.
Some of you have hurt me, maybe intentionally, maybe without knowing. To all of you I say that I’m sorry for retaliating, getting angry, or cutting you out of my life. I could say that at the time, however I handled it was the only way I felt that I could, but I don’t think that’s fair. There had to have been a better way to go about it. To those of you that may have over heard something and not said anything, that is your prerogative, but I want you to know that most of you, I defend, even if we’re not on the best terms.
To those of you that I’m perfectly fine with, I wanted you to read this to so that you can understand me as well, but this is in NO way a message to everyone to know that I feel scorned. That is not my intention. I included you to let you know that I am so grateful for our friendships.
Now the part that I really didn’t want to get to…
There are some of you that, to an outside view, seem to be my good friends. Most of the time even to ME you seem to be my good friends. I fear that this isn’t exactly accurate. I know that there are some of you that may act like my friend to my face, but actually don’t give a damn either way about me when I’m not there. To all of you, I say I’m sorry for anything that I may have done, but more importantly, I ask “Why?” I’d really like to know what it is that makes you act like a friend, yet be anything but behind my back. I hope that all of you will know that I’m aware of your true feelings and I hope that you can be as truthful about yourself as I am trying to be about myself. I forgive all of you, even if you don’t want my understanding or forgiveness, I’m giving it to you anyway.
Like all of you, I am just trying to get by. I would love it if I could be enjoying every moment of my life, but for now it’s about making the right decisions and hoping for a positive outcome.
I hope that you all realize that I care about you in some way. I never want anything bad to ever happen to you and I hope that you live a happy life.
Some of you don’t seem to realize exactly how much you really do mean to me, and that makes me so sad. There are a certain few of you that I have always been there for and always had the utmost love and honestly, pride for. I hope so much that you recognize that. It’s important to know that there are people that care for you, and it’s important for me that those people know I care for them.
So here it is, my apology and my forgiveness, a clean slate if you will, or at least a platform to start something new or work on something old.
Please take this for what it is, and I hope that you all understand what my attempt is with this. I hope you all also understand that it took a lot for me to write this.
I truly do care for each and every one of you and I can’t handle feeling that there is ill will between me and any of you.
I thank all of you that got to this point. I hope I didn’t make any matters worse, or make any of you think I’m a complete nut. This was just something that I felt I needed to do, regardless of the outcome.


i wish i had the balls....

I wish that i had the balls to chop all my hair off, & i wish even more that i had the confidence that it would look like THIS!
Kristen Storms (Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, & now Maxie Jones on General Hospital) went from long hair to this ADDORABLY chic pixie cut. verry Twiggy!
If i was a good 20lbs thinner, i'd totally go for it, & if i had enough money in the bank to make sure i could get tracks when i wanted to go long again...
soooo cute!

luvs it k.storms... u lucky bitch*

11:11 - make a wish!

This is a Condom Cover (gasp!)... Take a minute to let it allll sink in.


I luvvvvvs this soo much, i think it's terrific. for $10 at eleveneleven.net you can buy this or other designs. The site also has funky wallets, passport cases, checkbook covers & notebooks.

i think that they're the perfect twist of being somewhat practical & extremely cheeky.
- right up my alley!

luv luv luvs it*




Check it out ladies! See that hot hot hottie in the bag of bones costume?

watch the gut in the plaid shirt... isn't he cute?

That is Lannon Killea, my high school sweetheart & good friend. I'm so proud!

luvs u Lan!

luvvvvssssss it*




luvs it? nah. not right now.


poo poo sauce...

(photo by Jill Greenberg)


i've been up for like 2 hours & i'm already pissed off & in a bad fucking mood.
i was in a bad fucking mood about 5 mins after i got up. i dunno why, i just fucking am.

Help me tivo, cheer me up with some Shear Genius...


::whaa whaa whaaaaa::

doesn't luvs it*


doesn't get any easier...

Beautiful men, great acting, amazing direction, tragic american truth. Stop-Loss.

I saw the movie in the theatre & thought that it was fantastic. Kimberly Pierce rocks my socks, & what person (esp 21 y.o. gurl) wouldn't want to see Ryan Phillepe, Channing Tatum & Joesph Gordon-Levitt? ps- JGL should get a fucking Oscar for this, he was FAN-fucking-TASTIC. K.Pierce should be getting one too. Look out for Abbie Cornish too, this tough ass chick is going to be big.

It was hard to watch it in the theatre, but it was no easier watching it at home.

But i think that everyone should see it...

it really was beautifully made.

luvs it*



I want this shit...
like, real bad.

luvs j.catalano, mmm*
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