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shallow moment... quack!

Another hottie is born every damn day... or... i just discover them for myself, or i decide to write one of these silly feel almost like a cougar, but it'd just be dating down (in age, but whatever, they're in their prime... so am i... hahah)

this, ladies & (if there are any) gentlemen... is what i call "duck hunting"... looking for a duck (a hot dooode) is mostly done at the bar, the mall, maybe even school... (if you're lucky, then you get perma-eye candy & something to look at during snoozzzefest lectures)... or any other place ppl mix n' mingle (whether or not to a jingle bell beat...) but sometimes we all get bored & we Virtual Duck Hunt.. then we all play for 'Team Everyone Wins" bc the internet is a sweet sweet supplier...

so... here are my ducks...


So, the only thing that i can think about these boys that might be a little weird for me to write about them, is their age, they're all younger than me... (but better me than someone MUCH older... ***stay away Demi, you already got yours! ONE PER CUSTOMER!***)

First on my cute boy shopping list...

HUNTER PARRISH (just turned 21! wooohooo!)
we luvs him on Weeds (he's what we're looking at when we're not looking at Conrad - mmm)
we luvs that Silas (his character on Weeds) dated Mary-Kate.
we luvs that Hunter will be playing Melchior in Spring awakening (& we're jealous as HELL that our little SISTER has TICKETS FOR HIS DAMN OPENING WEEKEND!)

our only tip... Hunty.. sweety... grow back the surfer hair... ME LIKES! (o, & we might know that i luvs my boys more on the scrawny side... ur get'n too beefy babers!)

JEREMY SUMPTER - i just saw this little peach on a kinda creeperific lifetime movie "Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life" (which, i mean, c'mon... you wulda watched it when you 'cleaned your room' too...)
ok, so i'm NOT a total freak, i didn't think he was like HOT in the movie (which he was 15 in) but then when i saw him on a website for something TOTALLY DIFFERENT & was like "oh shit! there's that kid" i thought "well damnnnnn, someone got fuck'n hot!" very reminiscent of a young Ryan Phillipe! (& now... he's 19... LEGAL!)

Look for Jeremy in "Word of Mouth", "Prep School", & "Calvin Marshall" all credited for this year... we'll seeeeeee

ANTON YELCHIN - funny name, funny kid, cutie who i honestly can not find a picture online that does him justice. i'm sorry "Charlie Bartlett"... i tried... i know how cute cute CUTE you are. Also 19... look for him in "New York, I Love You" playing along side our boyfriend *Shia*

ZAC EFRON- 21 in October... y'know... i almost didn't wanna put him up here bc he KNOWS how hot he is... & that CAN BE a total turn off... but ... he's fucking hot hot HOT eye candy... so aight zacy, you can be here too... but only bc of this bottom shot... JINKYS!

Look for him in 2009's "Seventeen Again" & "Me & Orson Welles" & of course... (mini gag, mini cheer) 2008's High School Musical (i honestly don't know whether i totally wanna see it, or if i want to hide under a rock until the whole HSM thing is over & "so last year")... he's just so yummy...

mmm.... luvs boys....

luvs it*

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