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no luv for mk & b.spears :o(

So... i thought that one of my fav chickies got totally poopooed by the emmys!
Mk was submitted by Shotime for a best guest actress on a comedy for her 10 episodes in the 3rd season of Weeds (my absolute fav show!)
but... i guess they didn't dig on the olsen talent like i did. :o( sorry mk, i totally wulda voted for you!!!

mk played tara who dated hunter parish's character Silas

Also snubbed, my other homegirl B.Spears!!!

although i luvs me some britney, i was pulling for marykate, but brit was histerical on her episodes of How I Met Your Mother this season!

i luvs u gals, even if the emmys are buttheads!

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