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doesn't get any easier...

Beautiful men, great acting, amazing direction, tragic american truth. Stop-Loss.

I saw the movie in the theatre & thought that it was fantastic. Kimberly Pierce rocks my socks, & what person (esp 21 y.o. gurl) wouldn't want to see Ryan Phillepe, Channing Tatum & Joesph Gordon-Levitt? ps- JGL should get a fucking Oscar for this, he was FAN-fucking-TASTIC. K.Pierce should be getting one too. Look out for Abbie Cornish too, this tough ass chick is going to be big.

It was hard to watch it in the theatre, but it was no easier watching it at home.

But i think that everyone should see it...

it really was beautifully made.

luvs it*

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  1. rhymenocerous vs. hiphopappotomous!! yis! hahah that one is hilarious

    I agree it sucks to think nobodys reading, but I am! and I'm sure there are creepers everywhere..:P

    + blogs are kind of awesome, right? no matter whos reading it's always kind of therapeutic to write shit down.

    This movie looks good, I think I will have to see it.


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