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Hello World!!!

I don't expect anyone to actually still be checking after the five years I haven't blogged, but i'm hoping to revamp a bit.

I've changed so much in the past five years & i'm hoping with a bit of a face lift (& no, i haven't aged THAT much in five years) this blog can grow to fit who I am now.

I'm still on twitter as @Spankyluvsit & have been actively tweeting (even if it's not too often, i have a job, y'know) & i'm on Instagram with the same name, Spankyluvsit.

There are a few things i'mi newly obsessed with, which i will be posting about soon :)

A big goal of mine for this new year, 2016, is to get back into the blog world & with the re-entry, i plan to do it right. post small & often. no more overwhelming 90 page posts that take me so long to write that i end up not even being able to post at all.

a few quick points:

  • I'd moved to Cali back when i'd kinda tapered off the blog world. i moved back to CT in 2012. I've found my place here a bit more, but god damn it, i still hate the fucking snow. 
  • I am no longer with the guy who i weirdly called "Bazinga". We moved back from Cali together but broke up a few years later.
  • I've been at the same job since Sept of 2012 (more on that later)
  • I'm with an amazing new guy. M is amazing & i'll be posting about him plenty, i'm sure. (or maybe not? is that bad karma, perhaps?)
  • I live in a house with one roommate & my ADORABLE kitten, Edgar. He will definitely be a topic of many posts. 
  • I've been a part of my first ever art show & hope to have my own exclusive show this year. (my etsy shop is still down... long story)
  • i've become obsessed with true crime. books, podcasts, movies, documentaries (yes, i've seen Making a Murderer three times & i'll be posting all about that... like everyone else in the world), shows, websites, everything. it will def be a huge topic.
  • I'm starting a new project called Housegirlfriends. I have the website URL, but need to get started on the actual site & will be asking for contributors. more to come on this.

ok. i'm sticking to my pledge. i'm posting this after five years & more attempts than i can even tell you to figure out what the hell my f'n login was for this blog!

if anyone knows how to reassign a blog to another gmail account, please TELL ME!!

after five years i'm stoked to say..

luvs it*

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