diary of a manic obsessive.


hello, nice to meet you. I'm Sara :)

hi again!

just for clarification, i've been trying to get back on the blog for soooo long. when i initially set up the blog a million years ago, i did so under some stupidly weird email address. it wasn't until after i had the blog going that i made the email address Spankyluvsit@gmail.com (contact me, btw) which sounds unbelievably weird, i know, but it's true & it's been a constant headache forever.

however! now i have my actualy spankyluvsit@gmail connected to the blog as an admin. i will be posting as "Sara" (my real name! ::gasp!::) because it sucks ass to have to go from a google account i don't use, to one i DO use over & over.


hello, nice to meet you. i'm Sara :)

luvs it*

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