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the doodes of daisy...

I luvs Daisy & i'm so stoked that her new show is on.
This chick is hot, funny & i'm totally jeal.

apparently, Daisy-face lady got to date Hottie McRockStar - Dave Navarro. yum. I heard she also dated Tommy Lee. I guess she was making the rounds until, like every reality tv princess, her fairy Godmother (vh1 inbodied by Riki Rachtman) offered to help her find her Prince Charming. (and her missing "glass slipper" or hot pink stilleto!).
Rock Star Princess, too cool.
Here's the cast of hooligans, ducks, and a few loooosers...

Sinister: weirdly hot in a way. not at all my typical type, but has his moments. Seems pretty sweet actually, hardcore on the outside, but sensative w/o being Emo? We'll see (my sister drools over this one... i dunno about THAT)

London: again, hot in a Sid Vicious kinda way. he's got his moments, and absolutely has the puppy dog look down for a punk rocker. (also, looks like my buddy johnny o... weird.)

Professor: hottie, but booooring

Fox: YUMTASTIC! ooohhhh, he's got the Cap'n Jack Sparrow vibe running through his tat ink veins and flowing from his somewhat greasy, in a hot way, hair. that smile is paralizing. o god... drooool...

Flex: i died. this 22 year old is b-e-a-utiful. I just hope that he's not SOOOO into himself that i'd wanna gag. We'll see, but in this second episode of DoL he made me giggle by pretending to be the Producer to get Brooklyn's GF to stop calling the house. yummmmmmmmmmmm.

good luck daisy. hope you find a good one. (i'll take either flex or fox if you get sick of 'em!)

luvvvvvvs it*

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