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Texts From Last Night... some kinda genius


absolutely the funniest shit i've ever seen in my life. Who made this site. Can i please shake their hand or... buy them a beer?

I'm serious when i say that this has been basically the ONLY thing bringing me out of my funk the last few days...

when life is rough, and you feel like there's no looking up... oh wait, textsfromlastnight.com... what a relief...

so serious... this is an ACTUAL IM sent to me today by my girl Amy (changed her s/n)

amy (2:42:33 PM): holy shit please read textsfromlast night and u will immediately feel 100% better.....

Amy, you are some kinda genius...

textsfromlastnight.com saves lives. (& other peoples faces that i don't punch when TFLN.com puts me in a better mood!)


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