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JDMorgan my scruff mcgruff luv

A face like that could make me do some craaaazy things too!!!

I'm sure that everyone knows the gossip about Katherine Heigl denying her most recent emmy nom & saying that she didn't feel that the material she'd been given for her character was worthy of any awards.

::oh snap::

Well, basically it sparked rumours that our fav blonde resident would soon be off the show.

The second that Denny (luvs him) showed up again as her undead luver, i had a bad feeeling (maybe i'm a genius, or maybe everyone had the same feeling) but i'm almost positive that Izzy will be off the show (or at least there will be a teaser hint at it) either by going nuts & killing herself, or, the more logical route, brain tumor. (hence... the hallucinations.)

Oh Denny... why'd you have to die!?! poor izzy... poor me!

Dear Grey's Anatomy Writters,
Please don't kill off Izzy just yet. Let her go crazy slowly so that we can keep Denny (hot hot hotttttie Jeffery Dean Morgan) on the show loonger! i just luv him.
ps- why does it seem like he's always playing a dead guy!? Ok, maybe not always, but on Grey's & Weeds... dead guy.

Denny, i luvs u. don't leave just yet!!!

I guess if JDMorgan does leave the show (with or without K. Heigl) i guess i can just wait to see him as Edward Blake "The Comedian" in weirdo movie Watchmen...

Haha, i hope that no one would be offended by the humour that i find in this silly looking movie.
but any flick based off of a graphic novel about "bad-ass" superheroesque peeps, who have a smiley face shot in the head for a mascot and "Justice is coming for all of us, no matter what we do" as a tagline, seems like a good time to me. (miiiight need to sneak a nip or two from my flask in the theatre...)

JDMorgan as the Comedian - what a cute!

Shit yea, this movie looks like a mind blower. i detect a dash of old school Batman (in the good old days of craziness). (This pic would make a sick poster)

luvs u JDMorgan, K.Heigl & luvs it*


  1. i love greyyyyyyys i dont want izzy to leave!!!!! who is gonna take her crazy place!

  2. me. (but... alas... then i'll kill myself to be w/ denny... i'll have to fight the bitch in hell, or heaven...)


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