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challenge: help Spanky make some serious ca$h... [giveaway?]


i miss u... :o(

but, look! i'm alive & well! Here i am!!! [just took this pic! haha, don't mind our messy room!]

seriously folks... i'm sorry that i haven't updated in a while, but to be honest, i'm bug'n a lil bit... we're seriously scrapped for cash & i haven't been able to snag a jobbie yet.

What have i been doing with myself you ask?

well... i've been keeping busy making some luvly art.

I've been cranking out some wonderful [i mean... i think...] painted bottles.
i think that i can really make some money by selling them, along with my handmade dream catchers & my new luvlies, my paper lanterns.

So, i need to ask you all a HUGE... no, MASSSSSIVE favour...

i'm going to reopen my etsy shop,

... would any of of you be willing to post a link on your blog OR buy a Spanky handmade luvly, or promotoe on your blog or anything of the like?
i'm reallly trying to make a go at being a paid artist, just for the time being.
I'd be MORE than happy to return the promo favour to anyone that has a shop & i'll also make a list of everyone who lets me know about the promotions that they've done, & be sure to return the wonderful favour with a goodie.

in fact, FUCK IT, let's make it a driving force... for the next month, i'll promise to do the very best i can to keep up with thr blog as well as all of ur bliggities & take a serious note of who are my loyal luvies. Everyone that promos me, please e-mail a link to
so i can check it out, link it back & we can [fingers crossed] make a little web from all the attraction.
IF you promo or maybe the word is CONVINCE any one of your readers to buy something from my treasure trove, tell the buyer to add the message

"Spanky luvs [your blog name]" 

with a link to YOUR blog & i'll keep count.

the person who gets the most referrals by November 1st will get a package from me with a CUSTOM dreamcatcher, bottle & a lantern ON THE HOUSE.

yes, that's right people, we are taking "giveaway" to a while other, self promoting level.

hey, i'm not ashamed, i'm in SERIOUS need of the cash!!!

I REALLLLLY hope that you all are up for the challange.

i know i haven't been the best host lately... i feel awful about that...
seriously, i feel like i've been letting you all down for quite a while...

i miss you all so much....

i'm trying, so desperately, to get my shit together so i can be the *Spanky* you all know & luv.

help me with this & you will be rewarded.

comment on this post 1 time to be added to my "THANK YOU LIST", tweet about it [do people still tweet? or is twitter dying down?] for a check mark next to your name on my list, re-blog to get a star, link to www.etsy.com/twitterpatedpretty for an underline, get readers to "convo" me on etsy for a cute pink highlight on your name, etc., etc.,....

Seriously, if i can make some money off of selling my beauties, i would have NO problem devoting a few hours to make some thank you gifts for my luvlies.

i luv you all sooooo much, it's literally INSANE!

again, e-mail

if you want a button for your blog, if you've added a link or a post, or if you can think of any other venues or ways that i should be promoting my "grand re-opening", OR if you'd like to work out a give-away on your blog with something from my shop [obvi we'll have to come up with how to do that in a way that i can make some dough, so i can buy some groceries...] PLEASE feel free.

make the subject line

"Twitterpated Pretty" 

so i know to look out for it.

hugs & kisses.

luvs it*
to the person

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