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I'm sooo stoked for Josh Peck to be a serious actor (not that Drake & Josh isn't an awesome show...)
he is sooooo good in this movie & his relationship with Ben Kingsley is so genuine.

this movie is not only wonderful in content, but sooo beautifully made. I really wish that everyone goes & sees it & i hope that it gets noticed when it comes to award season, Josh Peck really does deserve a giant pat on the back from making the not so easy leap from slap stick Nickelodeon half hour comedy to serious acting on the big screen (look for him in 2008's Saftey Glasses starring alongside Hillary Duff & again with Olivia Thirlby, & 2008's American Primitive with my homegirl Stacey Dash aka Dionne from everyone's favourite flick Clueless!)

plus, look at cute hippie MK!

See the movie, support the "indie" flicks (always).

SoOoOoOoOoOoOo good

luvs it*

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