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Boo! - we have a winner!

I want to thank everyone that entered the "Boo! - mini Halloween Giveaway"

i wrote down every entry on a piece of paper, crumpled them all up, mushed them all around & had my baby Bazinga boyf do the honors of picking the winner.

"who was it", you ask?

it was...



Thifa, please e-mail me at Spankyluvsit@gmail.com with your address so I can send you your goodies asap! :)

Keep reading, luvies, i'm working on getting back in the groove, as well as, making some changes to the look of the bliggity.
I want to let you all know that i'll be cleaning up the workspace a bit, so, some things may be added, some may be removed.
If anyone has anything they'd like to have added to the sidebar, please let me know & we can work out an exchange or advertising prices.

luvs it*


BOO! - mini halloween giveaway.

In my continued efforts to get my readers back, i'm hosting another giveaway.
This is also due to the fact that i'm still hording away a butt-load of things i collected over the past (year?) to give away, but hadn't done it yet. As i said on my last giveaway, i toted all these treasures from my old home in CT to my first apartment in CA to my now second apartment in CA.
These treasures went with me to New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma (shout out to Kaylee face!), New Mexico, Arizona & finally, California.

Please enter the giveaway, please tell your friends, please post about it on your blog, please please please help me to not be such a bloggie loser! haha

on the giftie train we have:

- a very fancy halloweenie green rubber duckie with a feather boa (Pier One)
- Essie nail polish in Midnight Blue (oooo!)
- a [not-so] Spooky Black Kitty Pez dispencer (who doesn't like Halloween Candy!?)
- an adorably p0racticle hand mirror with a fabulous Sugar Skull on it from one of my FAV etsy shops, Little Pink Plum (i bought one for me & one to giveaway bc i luvs it so!)

As an added incentive, i'd like to ask that everyone that enters, take a gander at my Etsy Shop, Twitterpated Pretty, & tell me what your fav thing is.
If i SOMEHOW get over 20 entries on this giveaway, i'll "throw in" a giftie from my personal shop, Twitterpated Pretty!


I will pull a winner on October 25th, in hopes that it will get to you by Halloween.


a) Comment [1 entry]
b) Tweet about & tweet me @Spankyluvsit [+1 entry]
c) BLOG about me & this giveaway! [+2 entries]
d) BLOG about my ETSY SHOP! [+4 entries!]
e) FAN Spankyluvsit on F.book [+1 entry]
f) BUY something on my etsy shop - haha, seriously.. [+7 entries]

ya, the last one is a lot of entries, but, if you were to actually support my shop, i'd be awfully happy, i might just have to give away more things, more often! [yes, i'm a blog whore...]

thanks all, i hope that you feel like this is a good enough giveaway to enter!

luvs it*
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