diary of a manic obsessive.



hey my luvies.

Sorry i've been missing in action for a few days.
i've been half a busy little worker bee trying to organize my room & get everything into it's place.
i've actually thrown clothes away (who ever would have thought it was possible!), packed up some old things, bought a million organizer thingers, took down some ancient posters & hung up my *new & improved* goals board (OCD OCD OCD OCD... haha)
[see all my ducks?!]
i basically spent the weekend in my room cleaning & straightening things up, & then i went out Thursday, Friday & Saturday night w/ Travy.

Thursday, T & i went to one of the Asian Fusion places in town, where our really good friend is the bartender. Little did we know, he had called out sick, so we didn't get to see him, but i did have some uh-mazing Shrimp Tempora Sushi, Avacado Cucumber Rolls &, of course, some yumtastic Pinot Grigio [luvs the vino!] Finished the meal with drool worth fried bananas. omgggg...
We ended up at the local watering hole w/ my ex, & our really good friend, Kerm. We chilled there for a while.

Friday, we went back to "the local watering hole" & chilled, again, w/ Kerm. We saw our friends Blondie & her bf Bergie-berg. With a blizzard outside, & my car under a mound of snow, T drove, so i opted to get shitfaced.
Vodka Tonic, Shot, Shot, Lava Lamp Martini, Beer, Beer... Vodka Tonic... beer... beer... beer...
i got niiiice & toasted. We went back to Kerms w/ Bergie for a while, stopped at some other late night house party[ish] thing &, after walking all over the small town in the snow, & my damn heels, i was to' up & ready for bed.
Saturday, we went out for our friend BD's birthday & had a pretty good time,
'cept for the fact that She Who Shall Not Be Named was there, in her usual form, getting drunk & being obnoxious. T even told me that, a few times in the night, she had come up to him asking why i "said this" or "said that"... ya.. i hadn't said anything. T knew, bc he'd been w/ me all night! that didn't matter, i guess. Once she had something in her head, she was set on making it drama.

All in all, T & i had a blasty. We had drinks, talked to friends, saw good people we haven't seen in a while, watched BD get progressively drunker, as he damn well should on his bday!

i'm proud of myself though, even though, later, at my house, w/ just T, i did let it out that she'd really pissed me off, i didn't let it be seen while we were out. I didn't make a big [or even a small] deal over it at all.

what did you do this weekend?
did YOU have any fun drinks that you wanna tell me about? I'm alllways looking for something new & fun to have at the bar!

luvs it*


ur wish: Sarah*

"I wish everyone to be happier because I believe happy girls are the prettiest!

I wish I can go travel around the world and take a lot of great pictures someday. 
I want to see the world
I want to learn as much as I can!"
[make sure to keep up with all the wishes
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Submit your wishes to be posted - info here -
also, read my wish & how i hope to donate to 
the Make a Wish foundation with your help!]

luvs it*


goal: 100 followers

it's coming! i can feeeeel it creeping up!
any new followers, try to take note what number you are & leave me a comment telling me!
something WONDERFUL is going to happen when i hit that luvly number!!!
i'm so excited!!! 
luvs it*

a letter from Spanky: Profile Picture

i may be growing tired of my profile image:
so, i'm thinking that i wanna change it. Unfortunately, i haven't taken any good photos of myself in a while. the same day that i took this pic, above, i took a bunch others.
they're hella old [well, about... two years?! wow...] but i look, basically, the same.
here they are, after i picnik'd them up a bit, for extra spice.
lemme know which one you think i should use! 
[this is what i have now, but i'm rethinking it. does my nose look mondo, or what!?]
[i luv this one, but it doesn't really say "come read my blog".. it kiiiinda comes off as "what the fuck are you looking at?" y'think?]
[i luv this one, my mom hates it. i actually sketched it a while back, i'll have to find that. i think it's got a nice sense of "brush yo' shouldahs off..." swagga-face, no?]

lemme know, i need your heeeellp!
luvs it*

ur wish: Renee*

"My wish currently is just to survive. Survive this economy, survive my mediocre job, survive my too small apartment, survive my bills, survive being a one car family, and above all survive while not going absolutely bat shit crazy!!"

[make sure to keep up with all the wishes
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luvs it*


rando: Want a Felon?

has anyone seen this sidebar ad on facebook?
i mean... is it just me... or does this look like a mug shot?
like... sure, some days i do "want a boyfriend"... but i'd rather not have to either see him through bullet proof glass, or wait for him to catch parole!
like... right!?
where do they find these pictures? Does this guy have any idea that he was paid to take a photo for a dating site, that ends up looking like he's just been arrested?!
so ridiculous!
luvs it*

a few things that made me smile.

oh my luvly ladies can always put a smile on my face.
look at the wonderful luv-grams i received from two of my very favourite bitties!
a wonderful surprise. a valentines day luv from Angel

and a little luv from Ambar.

Thank you my dears. you brightened up my day!
luvs it*


a letter from Spanky: comments..

hi luvrs,

just an FYI, i've been moderating the comments left on the bliggity. 
i'm only doing this so i make sure that i don't miss any of the wonderful things that you all say.
so far, i'm luving that i see every comment, but the only thing i don't like is that i haven't been able to find a way to easily click back through to the person who left it!
i'm trying to be good about replying to all the incoming comments, but it's been tough to click back through & around without loosing my way & needing to stop for a snack... & a nap.... :o)

if you ever comment a question or anything, & i don't get back to you, pllleeease e-mail me at...

i check this e-mail as often as possible & will e-mail you back!

On that note, thank you so much to everyone that's given me inspiration, kind words, suggestions & mostly, a smile on my face.

i'd also like to say thank you so much to all my new followers, Welcome!
i'm only 10 away from 100 & there will DEF be a wonderful celebration (in the form of at least one giveaway!)

a bazilliondy hugs & kisses to all my luvrs

luvs u all*
luvs it*


i'm stuck & i don't know how to get free.
trapped & don't know how to escape.
i have a problem i can't talk about.
a truth i can't believe.

marquee: The Box

this movie was weird.
but.. i'd wanted to see it since i saw the ads, so i gave it a whirl.
it was def verrry weird, but i liked Cameron Diaz, James Marsden & Frank Langella.
i was stoked to see Gillian Jacobs [Britta from one of my new fav shows, Community]

honestly, i'm not going to say much about the movie. if you like really bizzaro movies, give it a watch. keep an open mind & don't say i didn't warn you.
have you seen it? what did you think? 
Any other movies to add to my marquee that i just can't miss!?
luvs it*

ur wish: Nicole*

" i wish that one day i can open my own coffee shop/art studio.

*i love every aspect of art & photography, & i think opening a little coffee shop where people can drink their coffee while painting or throwing pot, would be amazing!"

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luvs it*


book two: Glass

Glass by Ellen Hopkins.
book two is done, & February isn't over! I'm ahead of schedule to meet my goal of 12 books in 2010!
this book is the sequel to the book Crank that i read last year.
the story is good, but what is really interesting about them, is the way it's written. when i read Crank last September, i posted about the intoxicating text format & the addicting rhythm it provides.

if you haven't read these books, i suggest that you do. don't be deterred by the size of the books [over 600 pages], they move along very quickly.
make sure that you start with Crank.

have you read it?
what did you think?
[any books to recommend
i add to my list of "to read",
please comment them! 
-you can also see my 
virtual book shelf here!]
luvs it*

Super Slick Duck in Plaid

ugh. he was sooooooooo fine.
i went out with the girls [JenBunny & Cheryl, aka "CherriePie"] &, if i do say so myself, i look hottt

& after a little while, i'd caught the eyes of a few dudes. but no ducks.
quack, quack, quack... bingo!
total duck spotting... no, not spotting... spotted! me! he started heading MY way before i'd even noticed him. there he was, talking to me & the first time i peeped his gorg face, he was already sorting out what line to open with.
i have no idea what he said, can't remember, but i'm sure it was balla.
blah blah blah.. 
we're flirting, drinking, doing shots, dancing a little bit, flirting some more...
completely wrapped up in the game...
& neither one of us is ready to fold.
the only problem with this particular game...
if no one is willing to give, then there are no winners. it's a lose lose if two players set up check mate.
you're both stuck, trying to make moves, drink'n down shots of liquid courage, swagga on the rocks, betting blindly while the drink dealer cashes in. Bars are like Casinos that way... the House always wins.
the duck & i... we're still in it. dancing around the checkered board, passing Go & collecting our $200. Rolling hard eights, & full on competing for the grand prize.
he gets handsy, i act coy. 
a cocky move, a clever comment,
he ante's off for me while i have a smoke, skillfully, stupidly, after he tells me he's a fire fighter [drool.] & that he "despises smokers"... [rude...].
whatever, he's hot, i'm def interested, but, hello... i've been in a long term relationship with nicotine for a while & he's not about to be breaking my vices in the first night...
deep rooted conversations that i can't recall a word of...
full on public make outs that are flashes of memories...
a first name & a fuzzy picture of a face to remember him by...
a phone number...
an invite back to his place...

i say no...
i tell him to come back with me...
he says no... 
[check mate... who's gunna susceed?]
he turns to leave...
he's out of sight, lost in a sea of pawns..
i text him...

I land on Boardwalk, & he owns it... with hotels...
mortgage my properties, cash in my chips, sacrifice my Queen...
he doesn't text back.
i lose.
he wins.

...but... as my lent vow says, i will not stress over it. i lost this round, but he lost his shot. i may have folded the hand, but he didn't get a chance to see what i was holding, so he's the one that really loses.
luvs it*


life, luv, & the pursuit of blogginess

ya... you guessed it... it's probably going to be another downer from Spanky*...
i'm not sure yet, though. Right now, i'm just look'n at the blank box, waiting for my words, while my heart is rattling & my head, slightly spinning.
[but that might be because i'm still hungover from last nights bad choice fest starting off in Italy for vino, china for food, mexico for tequila & then, the dumbest thing of all, Jeruselum for a final kick in the ass, a Three Wise Men shot. why do i hate me so much?]
There are a few things that i have been meaning to talk about, but every time i click that "New Post" link, i lose the will to write about them. it's not that things have been bad, per-say, it's just that they haven't been great.

For the sake of time [there's only so much i can write in a half a lunch break], interest [there's only so much that you can possibly care to hear about my crap!], & my own sanity [it's never good to dwell... i hear...], i'll try to keep this minimal. only the necessary facts. short, sweet, simple, to the point.... o man, i'm already dragging on...

i've been plagued by an unfortunate happening.
without getting into too many details, basically, i was affected by someone else's mistake, & now i'm literally paying for it. It's put a major speed bump, once again, in my steps toward a happy & productive life. basically, i'm $300 down, & feeling like my little pawn has been sent back to start [SORRY!]... i'm hoping to get everything worked out as soon as possible, but it just always feels like there's something in the way. I cross one thing off my to-do list, but, in the same breath, have to add 5 things to the bottom of it.

i need to know what to do, where to go, how far i can take this thing & basically, i guess i need my ego fed, my head inflated & a solid pat on the back to know everything is going to be ok.
how co-dependant am i?! wow.
it's true though. i feel like i hear some wonderful feedback from a few people, but i'm not sure about the rest of anyone. is there anyone else out there reading this?
Can you say hi, so i know?
say hi so i can stop being a droopy loser, perk up & keep on truck'n, err.... typing. whatever.
[to those of you that are always commenting, always e-mailing, showering me with unbelivably gracious compliments & luvs.... you're my heart, my drive, my rock, a million thank yous to all of you. you are how i know i'm not talking to a virtual wall]

I'm not religious, i can't even spell "religious" without really thinking about it, & usually having to try again. I gave up something last year & treated it as a challenge. I don't know if that's like anti-faith, or whatever, but i figured it was a good enough reason to give something up.
Last year, i gave up fried foods & after 40 (46 actually, according to Western practice, which i think is weird) of craaaaaving french fries, i had one & it was... good... but i didn't NEED it.
I'm beyond thankful that i chose to challenge myself that way. It was the kickstart to one of the best things i've ever done, in my life. Now, almost a year later, i've lost a lot of weight, i feel fantastic, & i no longer eat massive quantities of crap food. [more on this in a later post. Feb 25 will be my one year since i started dieting.]
This year, i'm taking the same challenge, but instead of attempting to improve my physical state, i'm attempting to improve two other factors.
my lent goals:
give up cheese. [maybe, we'll see how it goes. one day at a time.]
give up on unnecessary spending. [really thinking about want/need ratio before making a purchase. do i NEED the $100 Red Suede SCHANNO pump with metal appliqué from Aldo, or do i WANT them? - want. do i NEED the $40 Artist Jeans in Medium Destroyed Wash from American Eagle, that i have a 10% off coupon for & that would be a solution to the problem that i don't have one pair of jeans that fit me, or do i WANT them? - need!]
give up on stressing over dumb boys. [i'm so sick of meeting a guy & then thinking about him constantly, wondering if he's going to call, wondering if i should call, thinking about what to text, wanting to see him, never hearing from him, meeting another guy & starting over. NO MORE! fuck it. from now on, i'm the playa, god dammit! these dumb ducks can come to ME! ha]
which brings me to...
my next post....
about, what else... 
a new duck...
luvs it*

"those geese are cooked..."

thank you dancho allegro for introducing me to the wonders of auto-tune the news...
luvs it*


award: Sweet Blog

i'm so stoked to tell you about my new award!
Shels Darkchocolate 
i'm so honored, not only by the luvly award, but mostly by the wonderful things that Shels said about me in her award post.
"Recently I have developed another blog crush, and because of that, I keep up to date with all the latest posts by stopping by each day. Spanky uses this blog to share all the things that she loves and doesn’t with her followers.
I also love her great features such as Too Hot Tuesdays and of late the Ur Wish feature.
I not only look up to this blog as I said before it's one of my blog crushes, so please visit."

how cute it she?
[she even posted a post about me posting a post about HER post! hahahahah]
please, everyone, take a trip to Dark, Sweet, & a Part of Life. Give her some luv for her bloggie!
luvs it*

ur wish: Kelly Bean*

"i wish that wherever life takes Gavin (my son), & me, it'll be a journey full of adventure, happiness & great memories."
-Kelly Bean

[make sure to keep up with all the wishes
by clicking on the "wish" icon on the sidebar.
Submit your wishes to be posted - info here -
also, read my wish & how i hope to donate to 
the Make a Wish foundation with your help!]

luvs it*


y'know, just cuz...

here are a few fun things that you may want to spend a few moments looking at...
 [y'know... just cuz...]
[there are so many parodies of this cover!]

The Oatmeal's true feelings about the job i do everyday... hahaha

interesting points that my rando dad sent me today...

luvs it*

ur wish: Em Butthead Sis Piece* UPDATE!

a wish came true!!!

Today, Molly came home! hoorah!

luvs it*

twloha: submissions III

another supporter, & this time, she was creative enough that i didn't have to be!
[see her TWLOHA post here!]
thanks for the submissions & keep 'em coming!
if you have a photo of the love on your arm, from TWLOHA day, please e-mail it to Spankyluvsit@gmail.com so i can post! 

luvs it*

ur wish: Em Butthead Sis Piece*

"i wish that my friend Molly would come home to visit from L.A.!"
-Em Butthead Sis Piece

[make sure to keep up with all the wishes
by clicking on the "wish" icon on the sidebar.
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the Make a Wish foundation with your help!]

luvs it*



tonight was awful.

i started out the night by making two great little dream catchers, in hopes of making many more & fueling up my old etsy shop once again...

then, the arguing, yelling, accusing & resenting started.

i can't stand being in the same room with my parents sometimes. the start of it was me, staring at my crafts, concentrating on my beading, the hand work, while, childishly, rolling my eyes every so often or scoffing at something either of them said...

now, my battery is going to die & i'm NOT going downstairs to get the plug i stupidly abandoned...

i'll write more later.

sorry to be cryptic...

doesn't luv it...

twloha: submissions II

more TWLOHA luvs:
if you have a photo of the love on your arm, from TWLOHA day, please e-mail it to Spankyluvsit@gmail.com so i can post!
luvs it*

a letter from Spanky: Too Hot Tuesdays

Dear Readers,
So, i've been taking careful notes on the posts that i write & how many comments/interest they get. 
ironically enough, the posts that take the most time & stress are the Too Hot Tuesdays & i never rarely see any interest in them. 
- is it the guys i'm picking? [do you not like my taste in men? weirdos.]
- is it just not all that interesting listening to me drool over celebu-ducks i probably never will one day meet?
- too much/ too little info?
i'd really like to know if i should continue with these posts, make them semi-regular, or just nix them all together?
please take a minute to vote on the two poles & leave me a comment with any notes. Also, you can always submit ideas/ nominations for the THT boys [if i keep the segment] to Spankyluvsit@gmail.com!

is THT a drool-worthy post that should stay?
pollcode.com free polls

why don't i get comments on THT posts?
pollcode.com free polls

Thanks Luvrs!
luvs it*

luvs it* t-shirt

Many of you know that i have a wonderful friendship with Ross Logan, the owner of One-Word-Tees.com...
[i'm even on the website, see!]
Well, my luvs,
i'm writing to announce a new affiliation between Spankyluvsit.com & One-Word-Tees.com
Wanna show the world that you luvs it?!?!
you caaaaaan!!!
Also, since you're all my wonderful little luvies, you get to "luvs it" for 20% less than anyone else!!!
  • Go to One-Word-Tees.com/luvs-it.html [link will always be available on the side bar]
  • Select your size, shirt colour, text colour
  • enter the coupon code SpankyLuvsUs at check out
  • send me a pic in your shirt!!!
I hope that you buy a shirt & spread the luv for both Spankyluvsit.com & One-Word-Tees.com!

luvs it*


ur wish: Stephanie*

"i wish Lizzy, my pet dog that passed away a few years ago, had never gotten sick, and that i'd taken care of her everyday."

[make sure to keep up with all the wishes
by clicking on the "wish" icon on the sidebar.
Submit your wishes to be posted - info here -
also, read my wish & how i hope to donate to 
the Make a Wish foundation with your help!]

luvs it*


marquee: Valentine's Day

I just saw Valentine's Day with my Ma & Em Butthead Sis Piece. We went for, yes, Valentine's Day, which also happens to be my Ma's bday [& that dog, Holly - who is 3 today!].

The movie was really cute. i enjoyed it. The cast, obvi, was brilliant & I'm really falling for Jennifer Garner, especially after last nights movie & then today. She's just so adorable!

in case you don't realize the magnitude of the cast in this movie, here are the players:

Jessica Alba    Bradley Cooper
Jessica Biel    Eric Dane
Kathy Bates    Patrick Dempsey
Jennifer Garner    Hector Elizondo
Anne Hathaway    Jamie Foxx
Queen Latifah    Topher Grace
Shirely MacLaine    Carter Jenkins
Emma Roberts    Ashton Kutcher
Julia Roberts    Taylor Lautner
Taylor Swift    George Lopez

See the movie, even if you are an anti-Val Day/ hata, trust me.
it's a really sweet movie with something for everyone.
[yes, even you Negative Nancy's!]

i'm even starting to really like Jessica Biel who, since her departure on 7th Heaven & her desperation to be anything BUT Mary Camden [aka taking the sluttiest, bitchies, most obnoxious roles & becoming a sex symbol w/ a "ass of gold"] i haven't been really able to stand, but, in this, i REALLY liked her!

have you seen it? what did you think? 
Any other movies to add to my marquee that i just can't miss!?

luvs it*

valentines day luv*

happy valentine's day everyone! 
 & happy birthday Mom
[this pic just reminds me of her]
& Happy birthday to my baby peanut puppy - Holly Golightly!
luvs it*


marquee: The Invention of Lying

i just watched The Invention of Lying. it was sooo good. Ricky Gervais was adorable &, like always, hilar. Jennifer Garner is so cute & she really was the perfect choice for this role. Jeffery Tambor was great as the awkward "crap boss", Jonah Hill was sweet, but really, pretty sad, as the suicidal "loser" naighbour & there are just tons of cameo parts by tons of my favourites.
[whom i won't tell you, so you can be surprised!]

if you haven't seen it, you really should! it's so good!

have you seen anything really great lately? 
have any recommendations for my *movie marquee*?
luvs it*


twloha: submissions

do you have "love" on your arm?
i do...
so does AmeCakes...
send me your photos to Spankyluvsit@gmail.com so i can add them & we can all show our *love* & support!

luvs it*

Foto Friday: "all that glitters is gold..."

i was reading my favourite book, Weetzie Bat last night [yes, again], so, i'm in a *magical* mood.
i'm trying to bring back Foto Fridays, but i'm not making it so structured this time.
if i have one photo i want to share, then i will, if there are a ton, i'll do that then. haha.
[all photos found on good 'ole weheartit.com 
& altered on picnik.com by lil me!]
happy Foto Friday, i hope you see some magical things today.
luvs it*
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